The Butler County Veterans Assistance Program is funded by the County to provide assistance to resident veterans with emergency basic needs. These basic needs include:

nacvsoICCVA_LOGOThe Butler County Veteran Affairs Commission is a member of the Iowa County Commission of Veterans Affairs. The Director is a National Certified County Veterans Service Officer. The Director’s certification is updated yearly.

Tom Heckman, Director

Craig Franken, Allison, IA
Nancy Hadley,Greene, IA
Duane Harms, Shell Rock, IA
Alan Meyers, Aplington, IA
Cindy DeWitt, Kesley, IA

The Butler County Veterans Service Programs provides assistance to all veterans, and their dependents, in applying for federal benefits, and other related matter, concerning the federal government.

Recording of Military Documents
Butler County Recorder's Office
Butler County Courthouse
Allison, IA 50602
P: (319) 346-6612

Military Property Tax Exemption
Butler County Assessor's Office
Butler County Courthouse
Allison, IA 50602
P: (319) 346-6545


 Des Moines VA Medical Center
30th & Euclid
Des Moines, IA 50310
Knoxville VA Medical Center
1515 W. Pleasant Street
Knoxville, IA 50138


For a Ride to a VA Medical Appointment Call 319.346.6628

Changes in Law About Veterans in Assisted Living Units


If you are a war time era veteran and either you or your spouse is living in an assisted living residence, you may be eligible for benefits from the VA. This is the same benefit that one in a nursing home can apply for. The VA will need to know the cost of all medical expenses and income and assets. If eligible a veteran can receive from $1.00 up to $1644.00 for a single veteran and up to $1949.00 for a married veteran. This will depend on information that is supplied to the VA. To find out more about this benefit please call this office at 319-346-6628 and ask for information about VA Pension with Aid and Attendance.