*The following compiled sample ballots are listed by precinct and ballot style. All party ballots throughout the county will be identical, except for 2-CL (Clarksville) and 6-SR (Shell Rock) Precincts. The office of Supervisor District #1 is on these ballots.

*Reminder: The Primary Election is a nominating process for each political party. Voters must be affiliated with the political party they wish to vote for. Nominees from the Primary Election will qualify to be on the General Election Ballot in November. 

Primary Election Compiled Sample Ballots:
Democratic Party
Libertarian Party
Republican Party

Precinct Name Guide 
1-GR = Green precinct
2-CL = Clarksville precinct
3-DU = Dumont precinct
4-AL = Allison precinct
5-AP = Aplington precinct
6-SR = Shell Rock precinct
7-PB = Parkersburg precinct
8-NH = New Hartford precinct