The Iowa Dept. of Public Health is taking steps to exchange any birth certificate issued from May 1993 to Oct 2009 where the birth certificate is a small wallet-size card on blue/pink paper.  These cards issued during this time frame did not contain enough vital information to be used for ID purposes, essentially making them less valuable for the purpose they are intended to be used for.  The birth cards may be exchanged by mail or in person with the Bureau of Health Statistics in Des Moines OR at the Butler County Recorder’s office for birth years 1995 and forward.  1993 and 1994 births need to be exchanged at the State Department or at the county where the birth occurred.  The Butler County Recorder’s office, in partnering with the Dept. of Public Health, wants to make this exchange as easy as possible for people that choose to take advantage of this free exchange.   Please call the Recorder’s office with any questions.  319-267-2735.